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Filament Winding, Aramid over an insulator for a pressure vessel

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Who We Are

Process Research is an engineering company that specializes in providing guidance to customers that need information on choosing materials and the processes to form these materials into useful shapes. We specialize in composite materials and with a strong emphasis on automated methods of production, including the filament winding technique.

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We are a consulting company . We work in the general area of materials and process engineering. We also help people to build composite structures. Some of the structures that we have helped our customers with are shown in the following pages

We can help in the selection of materials, in preliminary analysis and sizing, in choosing the right method for manufacture and in selecting a manufacturer. We do help people to find the best materials and manufacturing methods for the composite components of many structures.... Like

 Golf Shafts  Hockey Sticks
 Telephone Poles  Tennis Racquets
 Rocket Motors  Ablative Materials
 Launch Tubes  Printed Circuit Boards


We do and have done other things in the area of materials and processes selection related to

 Adhesive Bonding  Printed Circuit Board Contamination
 Failure Analysis  Market Surveys
 Vendor Surveys  Spacecraft Heat Transfer Enhancement
 In-Plant Tutorials  Corrosion Prevention
 Vendor Recommendations  Assist in acquisition of manufacturing capital goods, like, for instance, autoclaves


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Find out about:

How component configuration affects fabrication

Do you need a lighter component?


Corrosion resistance


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