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 Welcome to the Process Research Web page. This is a site which presents an exposition of an Engineering Consulting Company, dedicated to the practice of solving problems in the field of non-metallic materials such as plastics, composites, adhesives, etc.

To the left, for the use of clients or potential clients, is a road map and below there are links to the other relevant areas of the site. Almost all of the other pages of the site are linked by clicking on the appropriate section of the figure

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These are the kinds of questions that we can answer

What are your concerns about composites?

Do you really need to use a composite?

How would the composite get made?

Here are some of the questions that we can answer and we have supplied the links to the answers. We also have a FAQ page which contains more questions and will lead to some answers

 Why should I use your service?  How are golf shafts made
 What is a composite?   Who can give me a quick course on composites? 1,2 or 3 day?
 Why are they used?   How do you make composites?


What We Do

 Space Stable coatings  Multilayer board technology  Missile Launch tubes
 Composite joints  Telescope struts  Round Big Composites
 Tubulars  Hockey Sticks  Round Small Composites
 Joint Design vs. Laminate Layup Vs. thickness  Tennis Racquets  Rectangular Composite Structures
 Quasi-Isotropic Laminates  Oil well drill risers  Bicycle Frames

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