Downloads for Composites

Here are some interesting downloads for the composite professional who has to make manufacturing choices

Note: these downloads are presented as is. We cannot guarantee that outside unauthorized changes could be made to them.They should be checked with suitable virus analysis programs

The previous schematic may be of use to those who want to inject some additional discipline into the composite manufacturing process. Let us know your comments. We now have Excel programs for computing isotensoid dome contours and for predicting the costs of a composite structure.

We follow with an approach that can be followed in evaluating potential composite suppliers. This copyrighted presentation is applicable to either wet layup or prepreg systems usage and can be modified to meet the user's needs. Its boring but may be useful for a organized method of evaluation. Click on VENDOR.pdf

For information on obtaining an in-house tutorial at a reasonable price, ask.

We have also included a presentation (Powerpoint, 2.1 MB) presentation of 30 January 2002 that was made to the SAMPE Northern California Chapter on Filament Winding and it can be downloaded by clicking on SAMPE.ppt . It is an excerpt of the 1 or 2 day presentation that is routinely given to filament winding manufacturers. (you ask why does a filament winding manufacturer need the tutorial? easy-They have to hire new people to fulfill their new contracts). Click here to download the 1-day outline as a PDF file Filamen2.pdf

Here are some analysis tools for pressure vessels. They follow those shown in the book.

There are three Excel programs, NETTING, DOME, BOSS for solving various aspects for pressure vessel design. Along with the Excel programs are three PDF files, again Netting , Dome and Boss that reflect the information contained in the book, "Filament Winding, Composite Structure Fabrication" that contain the technical support information. the book is out of print but can be purchased as an "E" book from the author.  Click here to find out more.  You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader to look at the PDF files. It can be downloaded from Adobe by clicking on the reader symbol below. Finally there are READM1 and a README files that explain the operation of the three Excel programs. Along with these README files there are a total of eight files in the analysis download package.

There are other programs that are downloadable for a fee. These programs include Cost estimating for filament wound or other composite manufacturing techniques, and Classical laminate analysis. Other programs will appear here or on the pay-per program page as interest is expressed. Click here to send us a message if you want more information on these.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can down load it free from here

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