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We are interested in using our information to help our customers. It is extremely satisfying but we have found it necessary to charge for the service.

The cost for this service is very competitive. We have two options (and can be flexible)

1. You can sign up for a modified retaining contract for $ 1200 for one year. This gets you answers to any of the FAQ's along with 10 hours of remote consultation for the year, plus priority for on-site consultation on a daily rate that will be fixed at the time you sign up and which will not change (for you) during the year.

2. You can engage my services at any time for the daily rate at that time.

3. For some clients, particularly those in foreign countries, special payment options will be selected.

How can we arrange payment?

1. Send us a purchase order number by e-mail. We have generally been able to start the effort immediately on receipt.

2. Send us a P.O. or a check by snail mail

3. Send us a cc# (when we get a secure site)

4. Foreign Customers: ask for special billing provisions

Here are some particulars:

 Process Research  P.O. Box 4343
 c/o S.T. Peters  Mt. View, CA 94040-3625
 E-mail  FAX: 650 903-0959
 Tel: 650-968-1624  


Here is a form that you can use to send an e-mail message to Process Research

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