These are the kind of problems we have solved in the past

Finding manufacturing vendors for difficult composite configurations

Consultation to facilitate filament winding processes

Composite inputs for SBIR proposals

Technical and economic survey of commercial filament winding in the United States

Failure analysis of composite helicopter blade

Contamination analysis of printed circuit boards

Surface preparation techniques for adhesive bonding

Course instructor, adhesives, electronic materials, Introduction to Composites, Filament Winding (Founder of Advanced Composite Seminars)

Spacecraft heat transfer enhancement

Analysis of and prevention techniques

. Use of HTS-type carbon composites on high-performance automobiles

. Applications of HM carbon composites on surface ship decks

. Failure analysis of shock tested radar assembly

. Filament wound aircraft isolation tubes

Here are the types of clients that we have worked with in the past 28 years

Large Aerospace Systems, Other Consultants, Small Aerospace Companies, Attorneys, Test Labs, Large Utilities, Sporting Good manufacturers

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