Technical Writing

I have performed technical writing tasks for many years as the examples below attest. I do not perform as most contract technical writers, who may or may not have expertise in the chosen engineering field. I will write only on subjects that I am familiar with or an acknowledged expert in. Obviously the books shown are the highest example of technical writing because the audience is potentially great; since the audience pays for the writing, it has a right to be much more critical.

You can find more about the Handbook; it is covered in

The Filament Winding, edition 2, book is no longer  available from SAMPE, but  available only as an e-book from Process Research.The Filament winding e-book is priced at $65.00 (USD) for SAMPE members ($75.00 other) and is now in its second edition; the first and second editions went through three printings and have sold out. 


 " The best source of information on filament winding yet to be published. It does honor to the late George Lubin who, more than thirty years ago, authored one of the first and finest texts on the subject."

Charles E. Kaempen

President, Kaempen Composite Products, Inc.

 Handbook of Composites (2nd Edition), S.T. Peters, Editor, Chapman & Hall (currently Kluwer Academic). Hardcover, 1140 pages, 1998, $149.95 (available to SAMPE members through the SAMPE for $125 and non-members for $130), ISBN 0-412-54020-7.

The original Handbook of Composites was edited by George Lubin (deceased) and quickly became a classic reference for engineers and scientists working in the field of composites. However the original version first came out in 1982. Needless to say, much has changed in the field of composites over the last 16 years. With the introduction of many new materials, material forms, manufacturing process evolutions, equipment mod)fications, design code changes, and numerous applications not considered earlier, the time was ripe for a 2nd Edition of this classic book. The new book is a total remake of the original. The editor solicited the aid of over 70 contributors, each a recognized specialist in his or her field, to rewrite this edition. There are approximately 50 chapters (in five basic parts) and two major appendices. All resin systems in current use are covered as well as other specialty high temperature resins. The fiber section has been updated and a new section on particulates has been added. All traditional processing methods are covered (like filament winding, pultrusion, table rolling, and autoclave/hand layup), but newer, expanded processes are also discussed in detail (resin transfer molding, fiber placement, and thermoplastics processing). An extensive treatment of composite surface treatment, mechanical fastening, and adhesives bonding has been added. The design and analysis section has been greatly expanded. New chapters on damage tolerance, fatigue, repair, safety, and reuse of composites have been added. Applications within the medical, construction, and sports and recreation/sporting goods markets are discussed along with numerous examples. This book is recommended for both the composite novice as well as the seasoned technical expert. It is probably the best compilation of information currently existing across the field of composites.

Dr. Scott Beckwith,Technical Director, SAMPE

"Commendations are warrented on the coverage of the wide range of composites applications, considering the rapid increase in recent years, Highly recommended"

Dr. George Epstein, editor, Composites & Adhesives Newsletter

Composite Filament Winding, 2011

Composite Filament Winding

Filament winding is the most efficient method of manufacturing composite shapes. Topics include capabilities and limitations of filament winding, practical issues such as fiber and resin handling, winding theory, software and numerical control, history of the process, and more. Engineers, manufacturers, and instructors will appreciate this book’s practical approach. The author can supply copies at a reduced price.



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