We have done tutorials before national societies and before local chapters of these societies, including SAMPE, ASM and Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Also, we have presented classes, of various lengths, to San Jose State University, and to Stanford University. These classes have included Macroelectronic Materials, Filament Winding, Pressure Vessels, and Introduction to Composites. Also, we have presented many in-house tutorials to the general engineering community (Filament Winding for Advanced Composites Seminars), to Loral, Westinghouse Electric, NASA Goddard, and to the U.S. Navy in Indianapolis and Corona, CA.

All of the below tutorials have been taught before


Time Period



1/2  Day Introduction to Composites
Composite Manufacturing
 Management overview
 1 Day

Introduction to Composites

Composite Manufacturing

 Can be spread over 2 days
 2 Days

Introduction to Composites

Filament Winding


Can be Keyed to the Filament Winding Book

 3 Days

Filament Winding

Introduction to Composites

Composite Pressure Vessels

Analysis can be Included
 5 Days

Filament Winding

Composites Technology

 We have included a "hands on" demonstration with this course

This includes a detailed analysis section and also includes a co-presenter

These courses can be keyed to either Handbook of Composites,  Filament Winding, Composite Filament Winding or Composite Filament Winding, which can be supplied at reduced cost to the attendees. There will also be a handout supplied, along with other items which can enhance learning or memory retention.
These courses are prepared on CD's and will be presented via PowerPoint

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Basically, since we have presented so many of these courses, we are flexible and can tailor the course to your needs

Our billing rates are competitive. We can set up a "per day" billing scheme or can present a total course cost.


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