These are the areas which we can consult and have consulted:

Corrosion:Metals, printed circuit boards, magnesium, galvanic couples between graphite composites and metals, analysis of and prevention techniques for magnesium corrosion


Composite Engineering: Marketing support for composites, consultation leading to decisions for composite feasibility, fabrication method determinations, materials, preliminary design, and choice of fabrication, vendor market surveys and identification of composite market opportunities, failure analysis of composites, finding vendors for difficult composite configurations


45 k RPM composite flywheel. Courtesy of Flywheel Energy Systems

Composite inputs for SBIR proposals, expert testimony, composite design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing support, project engineering for composite manufacture, manufacturing and design information for composites, failure analysis of composite helicopter blade

Elastomers: Determination of identity,analysis of resistance to environments

Macroelectronic Materials: Contamination analysis of printed circuit boards, failure analysis of discrete macro components

Plastics: Identification, Stress corrosion evaluations, surface preparation techniques for adhesive bonding

 Filament Winding: Consultation to facilitate filament winding processes, time reduction techniques,Technical and economic survey of commercial filament winding in the United States


Trial Winding, Courtesy Of Plastrex, France


Miscellaneous: Spacecraft heat transfer enhancement

It will be obvious that composites dominate the scope of activities. One our first consulting jobs concerned the plating polyethylenewith copper. The job was completed successfully in less than 1/2 hour. Ask us about it. We also had an off-the-wall job to enhance the contrast of the spots and the white background of special dice.


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